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Hradecko Region

The village of Boharyně is situated at approximately 16 km west of Hradec Králové.

The local municipal parts: Trnava, Zvíkov, Budín and Homyle belong administratively to the Boharyně municipality. The Baroque St Bartholomew’s church from 1650 which was rebuilt in 1783 represents a significant building in the village. An old half-timbered wooden mill dating back to 1874 and comprising of a grain drying room and a mill race with a weir was declared a national heritage sight in 2003 by the Ministry of Culture.


Boharyně, author: Milan Drahoňovský

Boharyně 53
Boharyně, 503 23
GPS: 50°12'15.73"N,15°37'51.85"E
Altitude above sea level: 240 m

Phone:+420 495 444 126
GSM:+420 724 140 659
Boharyně, author: Milan Drahoňovský
Boharyně, author: Milan Drahoňovský