Krkonoše - mountain meadows

Krkonošské louky - Bílá louka

Krkonose Mountains

GPS: 50°45'39.166''N, 15°34'30.489''E

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Mountain meadows, even if they are the result of hundreds of years of human activity, are among the most distinctive and valuable natural attractions in the Krkonoše Mountains.

Krakonošovy zahrádky (Krakonoš gardens) with a rich vegetation of many rare flowers were created accidentaly as a relic of the so-called mountain agriculture.

Although each meadow in the Krkonoše Mountains lives its own story, they share certain features in common, i.e. they were created by man. He nurtured them practically from the rocks and in return they fed him for centuries. In the mid-20th century they lost their lord – whether through deportation to Germany, nationalization or collectivisation – and now their new owners are learning to live with them again. 

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Krkonošské louky - Bílá louka
krkonoše - zmije na louce, author: Petr Kamenický
Horské louky v Krkonoších, author: Jan Špelda
Bílá louka u Luční boudy, author: Jan Špelda
Horské louky v Krkonoších, author: Jan Špelda
Horské louky v Krkonoších, author: Jan Špelda
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