Turistický portál Královéhradeckého kraje

Nová Paka

Bohemian Paradise

The earliest mention of the existence of Nová Paka dates from 1357. Nová Paka has for centuries been associated with the fate of Kumburk Castle, one of whose owners was the well-known commander Albrecht von Wallenstein.

The fascinating cemetery chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows was built by several leading figures of Nová Paka in the years 1700 – 1709. Visitors will want to see the Greek-Catholic church, which industrialist Otto Kretschmer had moved from his hometown of Uzhorod, Ukraine in 1930.

Right in the centre of town next to the remains of the timbered cottages of the Krkonoše foothills is the attractive Sucharda's House, which contains a historical exhibition, as well as intimate spaces for exhibitions of visual artists from the region. Sucharda's House was built in the Renaissance style by Antonín Sucharda Jr in the years 1895 – 1896.

Nová Paka and the surrounding area are ideal for a number of walks, during which you will delight in the countryside and the Krkonoše Mountains, the wooden timbered buildings, forgotten sandstone statues of saints and rural churches. With a bit of luck you may even find the haematite gemstone fields or silicified remnants of ancient trees and plants.

Kostel Nová Paka, author: Jakub Podobský

Dukelské náměstí 39
Nová Paka, 509 01
GPS: 50°29'38.50"N,15°30'50.73"E
Altitude above sea level: 425 m

Phone:+420 493 760 111
Fax:+420 493 760 120
Nová Paka, author: Jakub Podobský
Kostel Nová Paka, author: Jakub Podobský

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