Horní Branná

Horní Branná

Krkonose Mountains

Horní Branná 262, 512 36
GPS: 50°36'38.717''N, 15°34'8.898''E

Phone: +420 481 584 178, +420 481 584 179E-mail: ou@hbranna.czWeb: www.hbranna.cz

Horní Branná is located around 6km east of Jilemnice, in a valley of the brook of Sovinka, in undulating countryside below Krkonoše.

In 1975 Horní Branná merged with Valteřice to form one village. The first notes on the village date back to the 14th century. The history of the village is connected with J. A. Komenský, who spent the last days of his life in his home country there. A small museum - Memorial to J. A. Komenský - was established in the local castle.

The most important historical monument of the village is the castle. Besides that there is St. Nicholas's Church, the vault of the Harrach family and the building of the former hospital, which is located opposite the vault. Numerous timbered houses have been preserved in the village. The surrounding area is good for hiking and cycle touring and the nearby slopes in Krkonoše attract lovers of winter sports, in particular skiing.

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Horní Branná
Horní Branná
Horní Branná
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