Renaissance Town hall Building in Hostinne

, author: jan špelda

Krkonose Mountains

Náměstí 69
Hostinné, 543 71
GPS: 50°32'28.125''N, 15°43'21.931''E

Phone: +420 499 404 746Fax: +420 499 404 746E-mail: infocentrum@muhostinne.czWeb:

The square-shaped central square is dominated on the western side by a Renaissance town hall with Baroque tower and a clock.

The tower was built and attached to the town hall in 1525. After a fire in 1610 it was rebuilt by C. Valmadi, an Italian builder, and decorated with graffito. Since 1641 the town hall tower face has borne monumental sculptures of two giants, each 4.80 m in height and bearing Roman armament.

The tower has a viewing gallery and a Baroque onion-shaped roof. Viewing of the town of Hostinné is available after prior telephone reservation at the Information Centre in Hostinné.


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, author: jan špelda
, author: jan špelda
, author: jan špelda
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