Turistický portál Královéhradeckého kraje

Carthusian monastery, Valdice

Bohemian Paradise

The monastery was built by Albrecht von Wallenstein in 1627. The works were completed in 1632 to be immediately followed by the building of the church, which was finished in 1668.

The remains of Albrecht von Wallenstein were carried from Stříbro to the crypt of the Carthusian monastery in 1636. In 1782 the remains were taken from the crypt and transported to Mnichovo Hradiště.

The Carthusians inhabited the monastery until that year. In 1782 the monastery was cancelled by a decree issued by Emperor Josef II; it appeared in an auction a year later, but no one was interested. The monastery was turned into a military store and granary, subsequently it also housed imperial officers. After their departure the building started to decay. In 1856 - 1857 the monastery was reconstructed and converted into a renowned prison, where the illustrious bandit Babinský served his time.