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Čeřovka (Milohlídka) - hiking trip to lookout tower

Bohemian Paradise

Albrecht von Wallenstein (hero of The Thirty Year War and the richest man after the emperor in Austrian monarchy) thinking about his landscape compositions, really had where to take his ideas from. Volcanic hills near Jičín bring special character to the valley. On the hill Veliš once was a castle, on Zebín is even now a chapel, and between the two of them is the summit Čeřovka. Its location near Valdice Alley encourages a walk rather than a long excursion.

Length of routh: 5,9 km

But we are not going straight to the tower, but we will be using the blue trail which will lead us to Zebín. At the end of four rows of a lime tree alley stands Valdštejnská lodžie (loggia). Early baroque structure open on the vast park was built with use of natural astronomical and landscape axis. At the back of the park an old Jewish cemetery is hidden. In the centre of loggia in direction of Kumburk, is another interesting building: Cartuzian abbey in Valdice. There is a prison over there now so we will not be looking inside it. It is worth to see though town Jičín where we will find not just a Valdštejn castle, but synagogue, because Albrecht von Wallenstein had a coworker a Jew-Jacob Baševi who knew how to earn money. Jičín has a lot to offer children as well - it is a place of the fairy tales. And if we want to look at the world from above, we can climb the tower of Valdice gate and adore the scenery from its gallery.


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Valdštejnova alej s Libosadem, author: archiv KHK

Valdštejnovo náměstí
Jičín, 506 01
GPS: 50°26'13.44"N,15°21'6.168"E
Altitude above sea level: 280 m

Phone:+420 493 534 390
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