Turistický portál Královéhradeckého kraje

Top Attractions

The Hradec Králové Region boasts plenty of natural attractions, such as the Krkonoše National Park with the highest mountain in the Czech Republic, Sněžka and the fascinating sandstone rock towns. There are also a large number of chateaus, castles and other cultural, architectural and historical monuments. These attractions, combined with ideal conditions for hiking, biking, water sports or skiing, attract many visitors of all ages year round not only from the Czech Republic but also from abroad.

The attractiveness of the Hradec Králové Region as a tourist destination can be seen in the large number of different types of accommodation facilities, most of which will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

The centre of the region is the town of Hradec Králové, which is easily accessible not only by car and by train, thanks to its distance of 100 km from Prague. The town at the confluence of the Elbe and Orlice rivers is the natural centre of culture and education of the Hradec Králové Region and is distinguished by its urban and architectural tradition. Hradec Králové is also a popular destination for congress tourism. 

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